The debate about the effectiveness of face shields will probably last as long as the pandemic. While the experts argue face shields may not be as protective as masks, there is no doubt that they provide an extra layer of covering that prevents carriers from spreading the COVID-19 virus via respiratory droplets. Wearing a face shield will also remind you there’s an invisible enemy out there, and you need to take the necessary precautions like washing your hands and not touching your face. Plus, they’re a lot chicer and more comfortable to wear than masks. And nothing is stopping you from wearing one alongside a mask.

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Astonishing variety

Our store boasts an impressive variety of face shields, from simple coverings to highly functional designs. If all you want is a face shield for yourself or your kids, you can rest assured we have you covered. But we bet you’ll want more than a face shield if you take some time to do some window-shopping in our store. From full-face sunscreens with UV and wind protection to toddler buckets with colorful hats, we’re not kidding when we tell you we have everything.

Seamless shipping

Our logistics arrangement is top-notch, and we offer doorstep delivery to all addresses in the United States. Whether you’re buying a few face shields for your family or ordering in bulk for your local church or school, you can trust us to deliver to your satisfaction. Our customers typically receive their orders in record time, and we offer free shipping for all orders over $50! Show us another dealer who can beat that. We’ll wait.

Competitive pricing

At Comfortable Face, we’re not just concerned with making a profit but your welfare. Thus, we have worked to make our margins as competitive as possible so everyone can afford the beautiful, functional, and durable face shields.

Beyond the pandemic

Although they’ve not been trendy, face shields have been around before the pandemic. And they’re not just about protecting people from virus-carrying respiratory droplets. They offer commercial and home cooks ample protection from the danger of hot splashes in the kitchen, and outdoor workers can use them to protect their face from flying debris. Even if you’re purchasing one because of the pandemic, it will be refreshing to know that you can use your face shield for much more.

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The Importance of Wearing a Face Shield Mask Nowadays

Our daily lives had changed drastically when the SARS-CoV-2 was discovered early this year. For some, the effects of Covid-19 have been fatal as the virus has claimed nearly 180,000 American lives to date.

Yet, as we learn more about the virus, we have learned to adopt safety measures to avoid it from spreading and infecting other people.

Wearing a face mask, as recommended by the CDC, helps minimize the transmission of the virus.

Nowadays, it is imperative to wear a mask, especially in public places, and where social distancing cannot be practiced. There are many face masks and face shields for sale, but knowing which one to buy is the right investment to make right now.

Wear a Face Shield Mask

When you wear a face mask, you prevent the spread of respiratory droplets whenever your sneeze, cough, and even talk. Based on the studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, face masks are not a guarantee of protecting the wearer from getting infected but rather the reverse. The wearer can lessen the transmission of the Covid-19 virus to others.

There are many masks and face shields for sale in the market, and choosing the right one may appear to be daunting, but in reality, it is a simple step.

While N95 and surgical masks may be challenging to obtain in stores, other retailers sell cloth masks that are fashionable and chic. Now, consumers can buy comfortable face masks online without having to leave their homes.

After an errand outside, you can remove your mask at home.

You can do so by moving the loops or untying the strings at the back of your head. You can fold the outside corners of the mask. Only touch the loops or strings of the to avoid contamination. You can now place this in your laundry. You can wash it in whatever detergent you are using and the warmest setting for water to flow your masks.

You can also hand wash face masks using bleach. Allow the mask to soak in water mixed with bleach for a couple of minutes before rinsing. You can either place it in the dryer or hung out to dry in direct sunlight.

An alternative for consumers is face shields that are for sale. These can be reused multiple times and can be cleaned by washing it with soap and water.

You can shop for the best face shields online. But always be cautious when it comes to these products as there are cheap face shields also being offered. Be diligent when buying online as you would choose durable face shields that endure constant wear and tear. You can search the materials used and also customer feedback when choosing a face shield.

Aside from wearing a face mask and a face shield, we also need to wash our hands regularly and observe social distancing.

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